Find your perfect open source project with Code Pulse

Code Pulse takes the guesswork out of open source development. Quickly find and prioritize contributions to projects that are active, thriving and likely to stick around.

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Features of Code Pulse

See the bigger picture

Visualize project development activity over time and break down the complexity of open-source projects.

Get the inside scoop

Track the inner workings of a project to see its active contributors and the code they're working on.

Make an Informed decision

Get detailed analytics about the project so that you can decide whether it's worth contributing to or not.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Receive notifications about changes in a project, so you can stay up to date and make the best use of your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Code Pulse?

Code Pulse is a powerful tool designed to help developers track and monitor open source projects. It provides detailed analytics to help you make better decisions when contributing to projects.

How can Code Pulse help me?

Code Pulse enables developers to make informed decisions when contributing to open source projects. It helps you identify active projects, so you don't waste time on projects that might die in the future. It also provides detailed analytics to help you understand the project better and make more informed decisions.

How does Code Pulse save me time?

By providing detailed analytics, Code Pulse makes it easy to track active open source projects, so you don't waste your time on projects that might not be successful. It helps you quickly identify the best projects to contribute to, so you don't have to spend time researching each one.

What kind of analytics does Code Pulse provide?

ode Pulse provides detailed analytics about the projects you're tracking. This includes the number of commits, contributors, lines of code, language breakdown, and more. All of this information helps you gain a better understanding of the project and make more informed decisions when contributing.

Make smarter decisions with Code Pulse - Monitor and Track Open Source Projects.